Hydrotherapy — Hot Tub Designs and Accessories

Hydrotherapy involves water immersion. Soaking in a hot tub may reduce depression and anxiety, treat muscle fatigue, and target painful body parts. Your new hot tub purchase should involve seeking comfort and safety features that will support each hydrotherapy session.

Design Variables

If you live alone or have limited space, shopping for a compact hot tub may be essential. If you are part of a family and have plenty of space, however, you may want to consider how a deluxe water feature can be beneficial to you and your loved ones. Hydrotherapy is a therapeutic process that old and young people can profit from. A person doesn't necessarily need to be dealing with a serious injury or complex mental condition to benefit from hydrotherapy.

Even those who have not been experiencing any problems may appreciate the soothing qualities associated with soaking in a hot tub. Review the seating configurations of various hot tub models and the number and placement of the jets. The power level of the jets and the option of strengthening or lessening the water force that is emitted should be reviewed when shopping for a hydrotherapy water feature.


Accessories that a hot tub contains can increase safety and improve the quality of each soaking session. A safety rail or safety handles may come with some therapeutic hot tub models. A person who is elderly or who has mobility issues can grip a metal or plastic rail or handle as they ease themself into a seated position.

A hot tub that is relatively tall in height will require the use of a ladder. Evaluating the craftsmanship and weight limit of a ladder will help you pinpoint if you and anyone else who will be using the hot tub will be able to comfortably climb up and down the ladder. Lights are often built into the design of a hot tub. Lights can induce relaxation or can increase visibility when a hot tub is going to be used at night.

If a hot tub will ultimately be installed on an uncovered deck or on a lawn, seeking shelter from the sun may be a concern. Some hot tub dealers sell canopies and other overhang materials that will block the sun's rays. A flexible or rigid canopy or overhang can also be purchased from a separate retailer. The hot tub should be installed first. Then, the canopy or overhang can be installed directly over the new water feature that you have purchased.

If you're looking to purchase advanced hydrotherapy hot tubs, contact a hot tub dealer in your area today.