What Is A Medical Spa?

Have you heard of a medical spa, often also referred to as a med spa? What can you have done in a spa like this? How do you gain access to a medical spa? Here is a guide to help you learn more about a medical spa to see if it's right for you.

What is a medical spa?

A medical spa is similar to a traditional spa and beauty salon. The difference lies in the supervision and additional services offered. Basically, a medical spa is like a traditional spa that has specialists perform aesthetic procedures as well as non-surgical aesthetic procedures done by other professionals. All services are monitored by a physician. You can get a variety of services at a medical spa, with most of them revolving around beauty and skin care.

What services are offered?

Every medical spa is different regarding the services they offer, but they can offer far more than a traditional spa does. Expect to get your more medical-style services at a medical spa, although you can also get tanning, eyebrow threading, and other services at a spa like this.

Services offered at a medical spa include tattoo removal, facial injections and fillers, fat reduction and freezing, microdermabrasion, and other procedures. Some of these spas even offer massage. You can also get more traditional services at a med spa, such as hair removal, facials, and more. Explore a website of a medical spa to learn what they offer. Prices for services vary and are dependent on where you live, what service you choose, and even how you pay.

How do you go to a medical spa?

You can either get referred to a medical spa by a doctor, dermatologist, or other professional, or you can simply call a med spa of your choice and ask if they take walk-ins or have openings for new clients. You don't need to have a professional referral to a med spa, although a referral is recommended if you don't know where to go and need some guidance. If you have any medical restrictions regarding lasers or other procedures, get medical clearance from your general doctor before going to any medical spa for additional care.

You can enjoy many services at a med spa. Explore several in your area before selecting one that works well for you. A medical spa can help you enhance the way you look and feel so you can feel confident every day. For more information, contact a medical spa near you.