How To Care For Your Color-Treated Hair

Whether you've had your hair colored before, or are getting it colored for the first time, there are some tricks you should know about how to care for your hair. These tips will help your hair color stay longer, which in turn will result in less coloring of your hair. Coloring your hair too often can lead to dry and brittle hair, so follow the tips below to help properly care for your color-treated hair.

Use The Proper Hair Care Products

Colored hair should be treated differently than your natural hair. You should only use products that say specifically that they are for color-treated hair. Color-safe products have a different pH balance to them that help your hair retain its color. Your regular shampoos and products may strip the color from your hair quicker, causing the color to dull after washing just a few times.

Wash Hair Properly

Now that you have the proper shampoo to use for your color treated hair, you have to be sure and wash it properly as well. Try not to wash your hair as often. Skip a day here and there when you can. Use that day for an up-do like a high bun or messy pony tail. You can use a dry shampoo on days you don't wash it. Find a dry shampoo that is safe for color-treated hair and sprinkle it at the roots, working it into your hair.

Washing your hair in cold water will help retain your hair color as well. This is because your hair cuticle will close in cold water, and opens in warm/hot water. A closed cuticle protects the color molecules in your hair. You don't have to take an icy cold shower; you can wash your hair in a bathtub or sink instead, unless you like ice cold showers-- then go for it.

Have Hair Trimmed Often

Your hair should be trimmed before having your hair colored. Damaged hair cannot hold color as well as healthy hair. This is because a damaged hair strand doesn't have anything for the color to hold onto. A damaged strand can have holes in it, split ends and other types of damage. Have your hair trimmed at least every 6-8 weeks to keep it healthy and free of split ends.

Hair color doesn't last forever, so try and take care of your hair to get the most of it. See your stylist like one at The Hair'EM to have touch-ups in between hair coloring treatments, and ask her what other things you can do to help keep your color longer. She may suggest deep conditioning treatments, and color gloss to help as well.