4 Tips For Wearing A Wig During Chemotherapy

Hair loss during chemotherapy can be a challenging thing to deal with. Wearing a wig during this difficult time can help you to feel better about the way you look. Here are some things to keep in mind when getting a wig to wear as you go through chemotherapy.

Shop Before Chemotherapy Starts

You may want to put off shopping for a wig when you have all your hair and don't need it, but it is a smart idea to make your wig choices before you start your treatments. Chemotherapy will make you feel weak and tired in addition to causing your hair to fall out, and you may not have the energy to shop later. By getting the wig before your treatments, when your hair starts to fall out, you can just slip it on.

Consult Your Insurance Company

Because you need the wig as a result of your chemotherapy treatments, your health insurance company may cover some of the costs. Before you select a wig, talk to your insurance company to determine what they will pay. That way, you may be able to get a more expensive wig than you anticipated buying.

Your insurance company may require that your oncologist or radiologist send documentation or a prescription for a wig, so be sure to get in touch with them right away so that they can approve coverage before you need to buy your wig.

Choose a Lighter Color

If you want your wig to look natural, consider buying a wig that is a lighter color than your natural shade. Many people opt for a wig that's the same color, but keep in mind that chemotherapy may cause your skin to look pale. Your natural hair color may be a shade too dark for your wig, so go a bit lighter.

Have the Wig Styled

Even after you take the time to choose a wig that you think will work well for you, it may not feel quite right. Consider heading to a salon in the area, such as Ferrari Hair Service, and have the wig trimmed and styled to match your personality. This will give you a more customized look.

Chemotherapy can be difficult, but having the right wig can help you to be more confident about how you look during this time. Consult a few wig shops in the area to find out more about choosing the best wig for you.