Signs You Should See A Blonde Specialist For Your Color

Most hair stylists who dye hair have some experience with blonde color. They can add some highlights to a darker head of hair, or they can use a little bleach to bring brightness to dirty blonde locks. However, if you need more extensive blonde work done, you will want to seek out a stylist who markets themselves as a blonde specialist. Such a stylist has advanced training in creating blonde locks and knows a lot more about how bleach works and how to reduce damage to the hair when using it. What are some signs you should see a blonde specialist for your color? Take a look.

You have really dark hair.

Going from really dark brown or black to blonde is quite a process. Your stylist will need to bleach your hair out several times, but they'll also need to be careful not to overdo it since too much bleach can cause your hair to break and fall out. There's a really fine line to walk! Plus, once all the color is removed from your hair, they will need to use some sort of toner to get the orange tones out. Everyone with dark hair ends up with orange-blonde hair if this is not done. Since this is such a long process with a lot of potential for hair damage if everything isn't done perfectly, you definitely want to see a blonde specialist.

You want platinum-white locks.

The really light, almost gray platinum blonde that is stylish right now is not very easy to achieve. Even if you naturally have blonde hair, your stylist will have to lighten it further and then use blue-toned toner to get the grayish look. Blue is a hard color to work with in hair as you don't want to go overboard and look like a Smurf. A blonde specialist is the right person to trust with this demanding task.

You have color that you need to remove to go blonde.

Maybe you have bright red in your hair, or perhaps you dyed it black a few months back. To get to blonde, your stylist first needs to remove this added color. Then, they have to bleach your hair. Then, they have to tone your hair. This long process is best done by a blonde specialist since the results can be pretty bad if the color is not removed adequately.

If you want to go blonde, your best bet is to hire a pro. Contact a blonde specialist for more information.