3 Tips For The Best Breast Augmentation Results

Getting breast augmentation surgery is a major decision. Breast augmentation is expensive and is also a major surgery requiring significant healing time. On the other hand, breast augmentation surgery can drastically improve your quality of life by improving your appearance and your confidence. If you decide to have breast augmentation surgery, it's important to follow these tips to get the best possible results:

Choose Your Plastic Surgeon Carefully

The biggest factor in being happy with your results is the doctor you choose to perform the surgery. Your plastic surgeon should have excellent credentials and experience. They might have a gallery of before and after photos with beautiful, natural-looking results as well as reviews from many happy clients.

Just as importantly, you should feel comfortable with them and be able to ask all of your questions. Breast augmentation surgery is an intimate experience and you will be having a lot of appointments before and after, so it's important to go with a surgeon you like and trust.

Get Clear on the Appearance You'd Like

In order to ensure you're happy with your results, your surgeon needs to have a very clear idea of the look you're hoping for. Plastic surgeons these days usually offer 3D renderings of what different shapes and sizes of breasts will look like on your frame. Be sure to opt for something that looks proportional to your body shape.

You can also ask to try on models of different size breast implants. This can be really helpful for seeing how your breast implants will look under clothing.

Follow Your Surgeon's Instructions

Your plastic surgeon will give you detailed instructions for preparing for your surgery as well as for your recovery. It's crucial to follow these instructions carefully in order to ensure you heal properly after the breast augmentation procedure. Some common instructions for breast augmentations include:

  • Avoiding cigarette smoking as this can drastically slow down healing
  • Eating a healthy, nutrient-dense diet to give your body what it needs to heal
  • Avoiding lifting heavy objects or engaging in strenuous exercise while you're healing
  • Avoid underwire bras while healing. Instead, wear comfortably supportive garments designed for breast augmentation recovery.

When choosing to have breast augmentation surgery, you want to feel assured that you will be happy with the results. Following the tips in this article and working with a talented plastic surgeon will likely lead to results you love.