Three Keys To Using A Hot Tub During The Summer

When you buy a hot tub, you might have plans to primarily spend time soaking during the fall and winter months. After all, the cool outdoor temperatures can help to make the hot water feel cozy and inviting. It's important that you don't overlook the fact that your hot tub can be enjoyable to use at other times of the year as well. While you might want to stay out of it during the worst days of a heat wave, you can enjoy a soak with your family or friends even when the outdoor temperatures are warm throughout the summer. Here are three keys to enjoying your hot tub in the summer.

Turn The Temperature Down

A simple way to make your hot tub more appealing during the summer is to turn the water temperature down to a desired level. You might not crave hot water as much as you do during the winter, so setting the water to a temperature that is more moderate can be a good strategy. The amount of flexibility that you have in this regard depends on the hot tub that you have. Don't be afraid to play with different temperature settings to find something that you feel is comfortable when the air is warmer.

Cool Down First

If you have a swimming pool, taking a swim as a means of cooling down can be a good strategy in advance of your hot tub session. If your body feels so warm that the idea of using your hot tub doesn't seem very appealing, a short swim — especially at night, when the water may be a little cooler and you won't feel the heat of the sun on your skin — can make your skin feel cool and help you to feel ready for the comfortable heat of the hot tub.

Have Some Cool Refreshments Ready

A good way to enjoy your summertime soak in the hot tub is to have some cold refreshments ready. While an ice-cold bottle of water can be appetizing when you're in the warm water, don't hesitate to get more creative. For example, you might make a pitcher of fresh lemonade with some sprigs of mint from your herb garden and plenty of ice cubes. Alternatively, think about setting a cooler filled with a selection of frozen treats next to the hot tub. These ideas can especially be appealing when you're entertaining guests.

Visit a hot tub supplier to find the right make and model for you.