Places From Which To Get Hair Removed When You're An Athlete

While some people view laser hair removal as a procedure that is strictly done for visual reasons, this isn't always the case. For some people, getting hair removed can have functional reasons. If you're an athlete, for example, it can be advantageous to visit a clinic that offers this service if you find that hair on a given part of your body is interfering with your chosen sport. Here are three different sports and some areas of the body from which you may wish to have hair removed if you're active in these sports.


The average baseball player doesn't wear a significant amount of equipment that may interfere with body hair, but there are still some areas from which you may wish to have your hair removed. If you frequently tape your fingers, for example, you'll experience some discomfort each time you pull off the tape, as it will tug on the hair on your knuckles. Getting this hair removed, however, means that you'll be able to tape your fingers without discomfort. The same goes for your wrists — each time you remove tape from your wrists, it will pull the hair around it. This won't be a concern after laser hair removal.

Ice Hockey

For ice hockey players, the multiple pieces of equipment that players wear can occasionally feel irritating when it rubs against areas with a lot of body hair. This can be the case if your legs are overly hairy, for example. Although you'll wear long compression-style underwear, your knee and shin pads will be held tightly against your legs with hockey tape. Over the course of a game or a long practice, you may notice discomfort in this area, and may even suffer from frequent ingrown hairs. By having the hair removed with a laser, you'll no longer have this concern.


No pads in football cover more of your body than your shoulder pads, as they cover not only your shoulders, but also your upper back and upper chest. For those with lots of body hair in these areas, the pads can be irritating. Although the pads are worn over compression undergarments, their tight fit can rub against the hair and leave these areas sensitive by the end of the game. Although laser hair removal from these parts of your body can be a big procedure, you'll likely appreciate that your football shoulder pads don't cause the same level of irritation afterward.