Beauty Simplified: Five Tips For A More Enjoyable Salon Visit

Visiting the salon can be a fun, rewarding, and relaxing experience. There is nothing quite as enjoyable as sitting back, closing your eyes, and letting someone else take care of your scalp and hair. However, one false move can quickly turn that relaxing visit into a nightmare. If you do not go to the salon much and don't know what to expect, you can make your salon services experience better by following these five tips:

1. Prepare for your Appointment

Most people think that they do not need to prepare for their salon visit. If they do prepare at all, it is usually just finding a photo they like and taking it in. While a photo does help your stylist, you can help him or her even more by preparing for your appointment. If you are going in for a hair appointment, you might need to keep your hair dirty so that it styles better.

For example, if you are going in for a wax, you might need to take an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain. If you go in for a make-up application, you might need to clean your face thoroughly beforehand. No matter the situation, it's best to call ahead and ask if you should do any preparing. If you do, you can do it before your appointment and save you and your stylist time and frustration.

2. Be Informative

Your stylist is not a mind reader, so they do not automatically know what you want. If you are going in for a cut, color, or style, bring a picture along. Better yet, bring several photos from different angles to show your stylist exactly what you want. During the appointment, watch your stylist and don't be afraid to get vocal if it is heading a direction you don't want. For example, if your hair is getting too short for your comfort, say something. By being informative and direct, you can save yourself a lot of heartache.

3. Dress Up

If you are planning on a drastic hair change, make sure you dress up for your appointment. It might sound silly, but seeing your overall style can help your hairdresser. The way you dress, how you do your makeup, and how you carry yourself can help your stylist create a hairstyle that accommodates your personal style and taste. It can also help the stylist choose a haircut that compliments your daily habits, especially if you do not like to do a lot of maintenance or styling at home.

4. Eat First

If you are planning to have a long procedure done, make sure you eat first. Hair coloring and extensions can, sometimes, take several hours to complete. If you will be in the chair for a long time, it's a good idea to eat before the appointment. If you can't, call the salon and ask if you can bring along a small treat such as a protein bar. You do not want to develop a headache or become moody during your appointment because this can create a hostile environment for everyone involved.

5. Be Open Minded

Finally, make sure you go into your appointment with an open mind. Stylists are experts and they will know what looks best on you. If you wanted a super short cut, like a pixie, but the stylist recommends a longer version, be open to it. You never know, you might even like it better.

Visiting a salon should be a relaxing experience. If you are nervous about your next salon appointment, use these five tips to help ensure your appointment goes smoothly—and more importantly, that you get what you want.