3 Tips For Applying Clip-In Hair Extensions In Very Short Hair

If you have short hair, then you may wonder why those commercials for clip-in hair extensions usually feature women who already have relatively long hair. "Do they even work with short hair?" you may wonder. The truth is that clip-in extensions can work well with short hair, but they are not quite as "snap-and-go" as they are in long hair. Application would just take longer than the time they have in those 30-second commercials. Follow these three tips for applying clip-in extensions to short hair with a natural-looking result. 

1. Some Length Is Needed

While clip in extensions do work in short hair, there is a point where hair is just too short for them. Hair under 3-inches in total length is unlikely to hide the extension clips well. There is hope, though, if you have super-short hair and want it to look longer. A salon stylist can apply semi-permanent extensions to hair that is shorter than 3-inches with a natural result.

The hair extensions salons use no clips and are instead attached with a bonding agent, so you won't have to worry about having enough natural hair length to hide the hair clips.  

2. Give Hair Some Grip

When extensions are clipped into long hair, they can slide a tiny bit and not make much difference in the final look. With short hair, you don't want them to slide off, so you have to make sure they stay put exactly where you clip them. 

There are several ways to prep your hair to help keep extensions where you clip them. You can add hair gel or hair mousse to wet hair before you dry it to make it less slick when dry. If you are working with hair that is already dry, then spray each section of hair you are applying an extension to with a tacky hairspray. You don't have to coat the strand root-to-end, but just spray the exact spot where the clip will be attached. 

3. Blending Tricks May Be Needed

Once you have the clips attached to your hair, the next step is blending the extension hair with your natural hair. This step is a bit trickier when working with short hair, but a few blending tricks can go a long way. 

  • Long extensions may need layering. The contrast between long, all one length extensions and your natural short hair may be too dramatic to look natural. Visit a local salon with the extensions in to have a professional layer them to look more natural. 
  • Use hot styling appliances. Adding a little wave or curl added to both your natural hair and the extensions can help blend them together. (Caution: Make sure your extensions are made of a heated-appliance friendly material before using this trick!)
  • Experiment with headbands and barrettes. If you have a section or two of your natural hair that does not seem to want to blend properly no matter what you do, then a headband or pretty barrette applied strategically can help keep it in line. 

Remember that hair extensions can work in almost all hair lengths. Go for permanent extensions if your hair is too super-short, and use the tricks to make extension clips look great if you have a bit more natural length to work with.